L’Erguillère: a hotel in a natural and exceptional setting

Discover L’Erguillère at the tip of Hague, overlooking the Saint Martin cove. Due to a natural and exceptional setting, this 3-star hotel at the end of the world is a privileged destination to enjoy the pleasures of the tides, sea spray, sun and wind. The omnipresent sea, Port Racine at the bottom of the garden, the terrace bathed by the morning sun, time stands still in this idyllic setting…

The atmosphere inside the hotel is chic and relaxed, the welcome is attentive, warm and friendly.

At your disposal: nine charming bedrooms, a cosy lounge and a modern bar overlooking the sea through a large bay window.

Hotel L’Erguillère is an ideal lookout station where, comfortably seated in relaxing loom armchairs, you will take a cup of tea and surrender to the pleasures of “home made” cakes with flavours from the past, or enjoy the fireplace in the large breakfast room.

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“An enchanting break is waiting for you”